Produktserie: Unisex

At our Huston, simplicity and inclusivity reign supreme.

Our sole contemporary fit, unisex in nature, is a testament to our belief that fashion transcends gender boundaries. Our garments are designed to be a bold statement, a celebration of style without constraints.

There's no need for elaborate embellishments or unnecessary adornments here.

In terms of fit, we take our designs to the next level. We incorporate features like exaggerated neck ribs, meticulously crafted shoulder seams with chain stitch details, twin needle top stitching, straddle stitches, dropped shoulders, and off-center shoulder seams. Our fabrics are characterized by their higher density and weight, reminiscent of the timeless 90s merchandise you've cherished for years. The color palette leans towards rich, muted tones and powerful monochromes, making our pieces a canvas for individual expression, not confined by gender distinctions.