Locally sourced ideas

Cosa Table, Kungsbacka's acclaimed fine dining establishment, has solidified its position as the town's premier restaurant with a prestigious five-course tasting menu, endorsed by the esteemed White Guide. Now, owner Johan Bergman is ready to expand the concept further.

In response to the growing interest in beverages, Bergman has long toyed with the idea of a bar catering to drink enthusiasts. The challenge was finding the perfect location in central Kungsbacka. Undeterred, he decided to transform the front section of the restaurant into "En vinbar" (A wine bar) by Cosa Table.

Navigating the uncertain post-pandemic landscape and inflationary pressures, Johan believes it's a wise move to invest a smaller sum in this new venture, allowing them to gauge its success. With the prevailing demand for fine wines and knowledgeable staff, the wine list will maintain its focus on carefully selected natural wines from passionate small-scale producers. However, the menu will expand to include both fun and classic wine selections, along with a mini-list of cocktails and locally brewed beers.

Democratize wine appreciation

The aim is to democratize wine appreciation, creating an inviting atmosphere where customers can explore without any pressure to be connoisseurs. The knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to share their expertise and help patrons discover wines that suit their tastes.


Though Cosa Table will continue serving their renowned Nordic dishes crafted from locally-sourced ingredients, the dining area will be moved further in, with views of the courtyard. The wine bar, on the other hand, will boast a distinct ambiance with slightly louder music, different table settings, and more expressive art on the walls. The menu here will offer a selection of lighter Mediterranean-inspired dishes, adding variety to the predominantly Nordic cuisine found in the rest of the restaurant.

Johan has always celebrated the local and locally-sourced, and his passion for these values not only permeates Cosa Table's culinary philosophy but also extends to the upcoming wine bar. His unwavering commitment to using fresh and nutritious ingredients from the surrounding area reflects his desire to create a culinary experience firmly rooted in Kungsbacka's unique flavors and traditions.

Likewise, he appreciates Huston's endeavor to infuse a sense of local and artisanal touch into their clothing collection. Johan, admires companies that actively strive to to focus on the local community and support local artisans and designers. This shared ethos connects Johan with Huston in their pursuit of authenticity and quality, something he looks forward to experiencing within the distinctive ambiance of the wine bar.

En VinBar

Kyrkogatan 13, 434 30 Kungsbacka

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